Stef Williams Website Design, Leyland, Preston, Lancashire

My Approach : unorthodox I ask?

I'd like to think that my approach to website design is somewhat unorthodox! Unlike many of the large website design companies which are cold, formal and money driven! I'm friendly, I'm happy, I love talking and I love teaching and giving advice! The last thing on my mind is your money! I always try my best to make sure that the services I offer will benefit you!

Our first meeting... face to face

Although not always possible, I initially prefer meeting all my clients face to face. Tea on the ready and some biscuits for those times we need to think! If you live further afield, then I'm always happy to Skype and chat face to face!

The first meeting is a friendly chat during which we get to know each other, discuss your business needs, understand your goals and expectations and explaining how I can help you achieve them! I also spend a little time drafting some drawings outlining how your website may look!

If you've got an idea, a logo, a colour scheme or you've simply seen someone else's website which you like. Bring them with you to our first meeting and we can chat about them all!

All the websites I design aim to intrigue, impress and persuade your clients. All my websites are unique, visually attractive and functional for businesses like yours.

After the first meeting...

After the first meeting, I will email you a formal quotation with all the details relating to your website. The decision is then yours!

Development begins... with live development link!

Should you decide to proceed, I provide you with a email containing a link to your development area on my server where you can view your website as it develops and changes. I find this to be an invaluable tool enabling you to view your website and provide feedback!

In essence, you become part of the development team, contributing as the website progresses!

Once you're happy with the design, we proceed to the training phase!

Training begins... this is where I teach you about your website!

Your website development is now complete and we start on your training. The training is always one to one and typically lasts one hour with plenty of time for questions! This is not a formal training course and you are expected to take notes as we progress! I try to make it as fun as possible, but productive and enabling you to learn at the same time.

Go live... let's put your website online for the world to see!

Your website is complete and you have the skills to change it yourself at any time from anywhere in the world! All that's left is for me to move your website to the live area for the world to see. Sit back and enjoy!

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